Kat's Physical Therapy Westchester


Kat's Physical Therapy Westchester

Cultivate Mobility—A holistic approach to physical therapy in the Lower Hudson Valley of Westchester New York, integrating manual therapy with Pilates movement instruction.


Katherine Bagby has a passion for helping people who experience spine, pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, head/neck, and visceral pain and dysfunction return to the activities that they love with improved body awareness and efficiency of movement.  She believes that a well-rounded physical therapy treatment program, including manual therapy as necessary with functional strengthening and education will enable patients to reach their full potential and return to the activities that they love without pain and with improved quality of life.

"Until I saw Kat at her Physical Therapy practice in Westchester,  I didn't realize that I could put in a days work on the computer and not feel neck and shoulder pain. She's addressing my whole posture, muscle memory and core. In so doing she's exponentially bettered my wellness, I can't put into words how much she's changed my day to day, going without pain is truly wonderful, she's wonderful."

—Jo A., Marketing Consultant

"Kat has helped me immeasurably with two different physical issues. After straining my neck, Kat helped me heal with both hands on treatment, as well as teaching me daily exercises to strengthen my neck, as well as my core, so that I wouldn’t restrain my neck. Additionally, after hurting my hip, Kat has worked to identify the cause of the pain, address it, and help regain mobility and activity.  I recommend her highly."

—Naria H., Media Consultant


“I am so grateful for Kat’s interventions and wisdom! Kat understood how my back injury was causing misalignment and compensation throughout my body. She used hands on adjustments to manually manipulate my body that resulted in relief of both muscle tension and pain, while also helping reawaken unresponsive nerve tissue. She took great care to instruct me on exercises that would strengthen, stretch and elongate muscles making sure I performed them correctly to maximize their utility.    Her use of the Pilates Reformer for rehabilitation was instrumental in my learning how to use my muscles properly to overcome injury, increase my range of motion and rebuild muscle capacity.  The precision and care with which she monitored my body helped me build confidence, as well as heal.”

—Robin L., Child Psychologist


"Kat Bagby is an extraordinary physical therapist. I was referred to her after I developed acute bursitis in my right hip and she used a combination of deep manual therapy, strengthening Pilates exercises, and stretching exercises to help me fully recover. In the process, she also worked on my overall body alignment and addressed and helped me with a variety of side issues that have been bothersome for a while.  As a clinician, she is attentive, careful, focused and detailed. Kat pays attention to every moment of the session and checks in afterwards to be sure the patient is feeling better.  She has a thorough understanding of human anatomy, an enormous amount of clinical experience, and a positive and kind personality.  She is thoughtful, sensitive and extremely professional."

—C.L., Musician